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Esquire Tech launches two new services for tech consumers


Esquire Tech, an international provider of after-sales service for top mobile phone brands and Telco companies in the region, recently invested in device protection program in partnership with global company Insurance Company of North America, which underwrites mobile insurance with top telecommunications company such as Globe and Smart.

Known as 1+1 mobileprotect, the mobile protection plan offers extended warranty and accidental damage insurance that covers accidental and liquid damage. This protects tech consumers from costly repair of mobile devices and covers more when it comes to daily wear and tear of smartphones. Specifically targeted for prepaid subscribers who own high-end smartphones, it provides replacement or repair options depending on the state of the damaged phone.

Compared with other competitors, the 1 + 1 mobileprotect gives more to the consumers. Customers will get to enjoy accidental damage insurance for the first year and an additional one year of repair service after on top of the standard, one-year warranty of the manufacturer. It also comes with a hassle-free claiming process through its online enrollment system and presents up to two handset replacement claims on the first year of the policy. Extended warranty services within Asia-Pacific partners will be available soon.

“We decided to launch it first in the Philippines because we can see that in the last two years, there has been an increase in spending power due to economic growth, which fueled a greater demand for high-end smartphones. But a big trade-off with the high-end phones right now, despite the technological advancements, is that they are still breakable. You drop it on the floor, the screen could get broken; and while these devices are water-resistant, liquid damage is still not covered by the manufacturer warranty. That is why we are now providing this product,” said Stephen Khaw, chair, Esquire Tech.

Another revolutionary product is the AIRSIM, a travel data roaming sim that works for over 100 countries. Saving subscribers expensive roaming charges, it can transform into a local SIM of a specific destination. It is suitable for frequent travelers who don’t want to break their bank in purchasing overseas SIM cards. Mobile data packages are offered through its dedicated app and requires top-up payment through credit or debit card.

Reusable and user-friendly, the AIRSIM package comes with a $10 prepaid balance which can be used for purchasing data packages, and a free 30 minutes of call to any landline and mobile number via AIRTALK App. It is now available for $15 through AIRSIM’s official website. To know more details about AIRSIM, you may visit its official Facebook page.