Google Inc. is currently developing longer battery life for its products.


    Battery expert Dr. Bhardwaj and his group is trying to develop lithium-ion technology for Google devices, such as Glass and Google’s glucose-measuring contact lens. He also told that Google has “20 battery-dependent projects”. Currently, the company’s self-driving car runs on rechargeable batteries. The short battery life of the first version of Google’s Glass Internet-connected eyewear is what Google is trying to resolve.

    “Google wants to control more of their own destiny in various places along the hardware supply chain,” said Lior Susan, head of hardware strategy at venture-capital firm Formation 8. “Their moves into drones, cars and other hardware all require better batteries.”

    Google joins many technology companies trying to improve batteries, including Apple, Tesla Motors Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. These efforts have so far produced only incremental gains, a contrast for tech companies accustomed to regular, dramatic leaps in the efficiency of semiconductors.


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