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Jabra shares new trends that define the way we work

jabra logoWith the rise of technology, the work place has substantially changed and is continuously changing. In the course of finding out how to leverage on latest technologies, Jabra, leading hands-free and audio solutions provider, identified three trends that define new ways of working.

The Democratization of Technology

Workers now have their own smart devices, sometimes more than one two, which they use for work. “Five years ago, it may be a rare occurrence to find a co-worker bringing in his own personal laptop to the work place. Today, it’s not just increasingly common—it’s the norm. Workers no longer have to come to their offices to be productive because their smart phones, laptops and tablets are powerful enough to accomplish office work.” quips said Holger Reisinger, Jabra Vice President of Marketing, Products and Alliances.

The Decline of Location

According to Mark Leigh, Jabra President for Asia Pacific, around 35% of the workers today are mobile and this percentage is expected to shoot up to 75% by 2017. “Office space has become half-empty because people no longer report to the same place of work every day. UC and the Internet have made all these possible. Because we are more readily connected, we can now use the same productivity tools that we used to only enjoy in our office, while on the go,” Leigh explained.

The War for Talent

Companies now compete for the more knowledgeable workers on a global basis, regardless of notions like relocation packages. With location being somewhat irrelevant now, companies pick the crème of the crop, and they can choose where and when they want to work.

While Jabra is not exactly predicting the end of the workplace, they acknowledged that organizations and managers are now more quick and adept in recognizing the power of individuals, the increasing irrelevance of geography, and the primary importance of social glue and speed.

“This is actually good news,” claimed Reisinger. “We’re optimistic at Jabra, because our position at the forefront of this ‘future of work’ gives us not only a birds-eye-view of this total transformation of the global work place, but an opportunity to help shape it with our partners and customers. And this, in itself, is an exciting future.”