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    LG commercial laundry

    LG Electronics ushers a new era for commercial laundry as it introduced a new family of coin, card, and on-premise laundry solutions in the Philippines. LG has integrated pioneering and convenient features in its new line-up of commercial products as well as excellent performance in energy-efficient, durable designs.

    Reliable, energy-efficient

    LG assures users that their commercial laundry products can provide long-term solutions. One of the highlights of their line-up is the Inverter Direct Drive Motor, which lessens vibration and noise by discarding the generic belt and pulley inside the machine. This feature increases durability and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

    As an ENERGY STAR qualified product, LG’s new collection of commercial offerings also saves on energy and water usage costs.  With LG’s inverter control system, the drum of the washer runs at a constant speed, reducing wasted energy from continuous speed fluctuations.


    LG’s versatile washers and dryers are stackable, making them an ideal fit for college dorms, apartment buildings, coin-operated, and on-premise laundry venues.

    This line-up also features AdaptAble Control that allows property owners and building managers to put the user controls at either the top or bottom of the unit, so both panels can be at eye level on stacked units.  For additional flexibility, the dryer door is also reversible without extra parts, adapting to the owner’s space.

    Providing a worthwhile customer experience, LG’s commercial laundry products also features:

    • An embossed inner drum, enabling more contact with fabric for great wash action and stain removal.
    • A NeverRust Stainless Wash Tub, eliminating the likelihood of paint chips entering the wash cycle and rust staining fabric during use. 
    • Dual Lock System, LG’s double locking system for the front panel and coin vault access provides increased security.
    • Smart Tub Cleaning System, keeping a clean tub even in the busiest locations.
    • Streamlined Design, captivating people with Tempered Glass and chrome door

    LG’s commercial laundry units are available in a variety of colors including red, white, and gray.

    LG’s commercial laundry partners in the country are ELS Philippines, which provides the total solution and service of Commercial Laundry Business, and Bigwash Company, which initiates and offers the Coin Laundry System.

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