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Microsoft teams up with the Asian Development Bank to launch AppsforAsia

Microsoft and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) partnered to launch AppsforAsia: Redefining Development in order to harness the creative power of independent app developers all throughout Asia. Over the next six months, AppsforAsia will create sustainable technological solutions for the economic, commercial and social benefit of governments, NGOs, citizens, and enterprises in the region.

An all-day briefing and innovation workshop will be conducted by Microsoft Philippines and ADB on February 1, 2013 and will provide technology support and resources for anyone in attendance. The event is open to all amateur and professional app developers, students, and IT practitioners. The participants would be given hands-on experience and mentoring on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure, to help them build scalable solutions.

“Microsoft constantly brings innovation to Filipinos in our mission to fuel growth and healthy communities as well as transform businesses. We are committed to empowering our local developers with the tools and resources they need to showcase their creativity and grow their businesses,” said Karrie Ilagan, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines. “This partnership with ADB on AppsforAsia also aims to maximize the potential of technology in making a difference in people’s lives through the apps that will be created by start-up businesses and student developers.”

“Our partnership with Microsoft brings technological solutions closer to people by addressing development challenges with innovative technological solutions: AppsforAsia Redefines Development ,” said Chris I. Morris, Unit Head, NGO and Civil Society Center, ADB. “We believe that the applications from this program will drive further economic and social progress throughout Asia and the Pacific.”

“We are glad that Microsoft and ADB came up with this endeavor,” said Arup Maity, Director of the Philippine Software Industry Association. “This initiative focuses our attention to the key social challenges that need addressing in the Asia Pacific region. It also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to leverage on the latest technologies in addressing these challenges in a viable and sustainable manner. AppsforAsia enables the members of the industry to appreciate the noble role that popular technology can play in our collective effort to make the world a better place.”

AppsforAsia is currently running in the Philippines, Australia, South Korea, and Malaysia. The top three participants from each country will also have the chance to present their solutions at the Asian Development Bank Annual Board of Governors Meeting in May, which will be held in New Delhi, India. Microsoft will cover all the cost of the trip, and ADB will also support the participants by promoting the solutions among its member countries.

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