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“My Own Personal Philippines” photo exhibit

At the Corte de Las Palmas, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City, from September 26 to October 7, 2015.

Veering away from the usual “It’s more fun in the Philippines” tourism-oriented shots that we often see in Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, 31 members of the Ayala Alabang Camera Club are presenting a collection of photographs that answer the question: “What is the Philippines to you?”

Against the backdrop of hundreds of images that we encounter daily—most of which are the usual breathtaking landscapes, splendid sunsets, and picturesque backgrounds—the exhibit seeks to show experiences, memories, insights and knowledge focused from particular standpoints, carefully timed, and selectively framed according to the photographers’ personal takes on what the Philippines is to him.

With the age of ‘everyone is a photographer’ upon us, we are deluged with images that are mostly the usual and ordinary and from the same cut. In this exhibit, the members aim their cameras inwards, towards their hearts and souls. Their cameras become their tools of expression. And these, they want to share with the viewers.

Exhibit partners include the City of Muntinlupa, Sigma, Alabang Town Centre, Fujifilm Philippines, Canon, Nikon, Gouache, Laiya, Henry’s Professional, Insular Life, Sonria, Sarabia Optical, ABB Architecturals, Trends Travelmart, DLSZ Batch 2014 PA, Friends of Ronald, Barangay Ayala Alabang, AAVA, and Gadgets Magazine.

About AACC: The Ayala Alabang Camera Club is an association from the south of Metro Manila, composed of diverse personalities, from different professions, bonded by their common love of photography. Founded in the late 90s, the club has evolved from an informal group to its current non-profit status, with over 70 members. The club holds monthly photo contests from January to October each year to encourage members to continually improve their skills by producing quality images that conform to or interpret chosen techniques or themes.

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