NBA 2K13 launches in the Philippines

    2K Sports, in partnership with X-Play Online Games, Inc. (a subsidiary of IP e-Games), officially released NBA 2K13 in the Philippines at a launch event at National Sport Grill in Makati today. It has been called “possibly the greatest sports game of all-time” by gaming website IGN. This year, 2K Sports had hip-hop legend Jay-Z serve as Executive Producer of the game. He curated the 24-song soundtrack, and played a huge role in designing its interactive menus, pregame introductions, and more.

    There are several new features to NBA 2K13, such as the Control Stick. For the first time ever, all dribbling, shooting, passing, and post move options have been mapped to the right analog stick, so if you like to get fancy while playing against your friends or online opponents, you can string together all sorts of basketball tricks to mesmerize your opposition. In addition, shots are now dynamically created, so there are infinite possibilities for shot selection.

    Also for the first time ever, there will be an in-game currency. Depending on the achievements you get, such as a certain number of steals in a game or a certain number of points scored in a game, you can purchase plenty of unlockable content, such as retro jerseys, stat increases for your players or retro teams. In addition, both the 1992 “Dream Team” and the 2012 U.S. Men’s National Team, considered the greatest basketball teams of all time, are now available in game, so you can settle debates with your friends over which team is better.

    Well-known players such as Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant have their own unique abilities in-game that could lead your team to victory. For example, Rose has the “Floor General” role, and Durant has “The Closer” role, so if you find yourself behind in a game, you can use these abilities to turn the tide in your favor and triumph over your opposition.

    The NBA 2K13 launch plans to take the Philippines by storm. “We’re very excited to launch such a prestigious game here in the Philippines and we’re thrilled to be working with 2K Sports,” said Miguel Bauza, VP of Marketing for X-Play. “We will be going around the country to engage the millions of NBA 2K Filipino fans out there with awesome tournaments and raffle prizes.”

    NBA 2K13 is now available in the Philippines at these retailers on the PlayStation 3 (Php 2,595), Xbox 360 (Php 2,495), PC (Php 1,995), and the PSP (Php 1,895). It will also be available on both Android and iOS mobile devices as an app.

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