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Nokia Innovation Day 2016: Connecting the world

Nokia, a well-known and loved brand worldwide, recently left the mobile device manufacturing scene and has been actively involved in improving network services the world over through various technologies and IT solutions. On August 17, 2016, the brand held its Innovation day at the Manila Peninsula to showcase some of its cutting-edge technologies and also give the public and members of the press an overview of what the company has been up to along with their latest ventures.

The New Nokia

From “connecting people” Nokia has transitioned into a company that expands connections further through the use of technology. It is focused on end-to-end, fixed and mobile network solutions with a vision of expanding human possibilities in this connected world. Just recently, the company acquired Alcatel-Lucent, bringing two innovators in network service, broadband, and cloud technology together to deliver unmatched services to its customers.

Nokia 3Nokia Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific and Japan, Daniel Mausoof sharing the expertise of the company.

The company has also invested heavily in research and development (R&D) to push forward superior innovations. Currently, Nokia’s businesses segments include Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, IP/Optical Networks, Applications & Analytics, and Nokia Technologies.

Nokia in the Philippines

The Philippines is a large digital nation, we are after all touted as the world’s social media capital. Moreover, as an emerging market, lots of investors are coming in while existing companies strive to do better. Filipinos clamor for change, they want to get services that are at par with what they’re shelling out. These are among what makes the Philippines a market with huge potential for growth.

Nokia’s first vision for the Philippines is to develop fixed and mobile broadband Infrastructure, supported by an optimized IP and optical transport network that will ultimately drive the country in government, private, and enterprise sectors towards wealth and sustainability. Moreover, the company is also working on developing an IoT ecosystem to improve people’s standard of living, improve business productivity, and provide a growth platform to the Filipino economy. Nokia aims to create an IoT blueprint for a ‘smarter’ Philippines, which is expected to grow by 115-percent by 2020.  All these will be realized through the company’s many R&D hubs including the Nokia Technology Center in Manila which houses 1200 people, contributing to Nokia’s global economy.

Excited to work on things beyond broadband, the company has also introduced new innovations such as its Smart Home solution and Nokia Public Safety project, starting on the services that needs to be implemented today. Nokia is also working on the implementation of 5G and its many benefits through its 5G Cooperative Cloud Robots.