The future of LTE in the Philippines according to NSN

    NSNMarkku Nieminen, Country Manager for NSN Philippines giving us a gist of the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

    Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN, formerly known as Nokia Siemens Networks), a global specialist in mobile broadband, reveals the future of Long Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity in the country, revisiting what they presented during the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

    With a massive increase in the demand of data, the industry faces a challenge to boost the profitable and personalized needs of the market. NSN is dedicated to meet this growing demand with Technology Vision 2020, a blueprint for the future that features a big data telco platform prototype which analyzes 1 million live messages a second. It ideally provides the ultimate personal gigabyte experience, bridging the best of IT and telco technologies.

    NSN challenges this demand by implementing the six pillars of Technology Vision 2020, defined in cooperation with a number of operators across the globe. These are:

    • enable 1000 times more capacity
    • reducing latency to milliseconds
    • teaching networks to be self-aware and personalizing network experience
    • reinventing telco for the cloud which,
    • flattening total energy consumption

    According to Leslie Shannon, NSN Senior Strategic Manager, the Philippines is a country that understands technology. With the worldwide smartphone growth, people are in the process of migrating to mobile content. The country places 17th in the smartphone owner rally. This growth beckons the need for faster and reliable connection, and this, according to NSN, where LTE comes into the picture.

    Senior Strategic Manager Leslie Shannon

    Senior Strategic Manager Leslie Shannon

    The Future of LTE

    NSN demonstrated the highlights of their latest innovations, giving us a preview of the future of LTE and its huge potential.

    2013-08-13 11.56.13

    Liquid Applications is a technological breakthrough from NSN that turns a conventional mobile base station into an IT-based Cloud platform which uses the subscriber proximity to make services faster, more relevant and personalized.

    NSN is enhancing Customer Experience Management (CEM) on Demand, giving operators a deeper understanding of customer experiences, bridging the gap between customer satisfaction and network performance and allows operators to focus on what matters most in order to prioritize action to resolve issues before they damage revenue.

    Additionally, the LTE Smart Scheduler delivers high data rates and high cell capacity.

    The Big Shift

    Upon fulfillment of the transaction to buy Siemens, Nokia Siemens Network is now rebranded as Nokia Solutions and Network, signaling the next chapter in their transformation.

    “While our name and brand have changed, I would like to emphasize that our overall strategy and our focus on mobile broadband remain the same,” said Rajeev Suri, CEO of NSN. “Our customers will not notice any difference in our unstinting commitment to delivering superior technology and services across the world. Today’s announcement is, however, an exciting new chapter in our transformation story.”

    Nokia stated its intention to “continue to strengthen the company as a more independent entity.”

    NSN Collage

    Network Labs Tour

    Network Labs is a joint venture of NSN. As a research and development center, it is the product of the company’s goal to grow it presence in emerging markets. Network Labs also serves as a hub that houses technical experts working on crucial projects with various collaborations and sites around the world.

    Click on the video below to get a quick tour of Network Labs, located at the UP Ayala Technohub:


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