Smart subscribers, rejoice! Prepaid LTE is here!


    Smart Commnications, Inc. has finally given prepaid subscribers a chance to experience blazing-fast connectivity, thanks to the country’s first and only prepaid LTE service for compatible mobile phones.

    Since the telco’s commercial LTE launch last year, users have been able to enjoy internet speeds of up to 42 Mbps, though such a luxury was then limited to postpaid and broadband subscribers. Smart followed this up by offering the same LTE connectivity to other user segments through dongles and compatible tablets.

    “With the launch of the Smart Prepaid LTE SIM for mobile phones, we are making it possible for the majority of our subscribers to experience the difference and benefits o LTE, while on the go,” said Jane Basas, head of Smart’s prepaid business group. “we can now give our prepaid subscribers the complete package– allowing them to have ‘lightning-fast’ mobile internet connectivity, while being able to call and text – all through one SIM.”

    Smart boasts over 57 million mobile subscribers, making the telco the largest share holder of the predominantly prepaid mobile market in the Philippines. The launch of the Prepaid LTE service or mobile phones will allow them to expand their dominance over the market, and give affordable, high-speed connectivity through LTE bucket offers, with plans to expand the prepaid service to include entry- and mid-level 4G devices in the prepaid bundles.

    The new prepaid LTE sim from smart will come in two variants: the dual-cut micro SIM for LTE-capable handsets with regular or micro-Sim slots for PHP 40, with 35 free SMS, and the Prepaid Nano-Sim for the iPhone 5, priced at PHP 100 with PHP 50 load. Both SIMs can be loaded with LTE packages which offer unlimited LTE browsing for either 1, 7, or 30 days, costing PHP 50, PHP 299 and PHP 995 respectively.

    Subscribers can avail of the packages by sending LTE 50, LTE 299, or LTE 995 to 2200.

    The Smart LTE Prepaid SIM is available at select Smart stores and cellphone tiangges in key cities nationwide. Existing subscribers can even head over to a Smart store, and upgrading their non-LTE sim, while retaining their mobile number.

    There is no better time or network to try LTE connectivity, so head over to your nearest Smart retailer and get your own LTE Prepaid SIM right this moment.


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