Sony ceases PlayStation 2 production

    Sony has stopped production of the PlayStation 2 in Japan, ceasing production of a console that defined the sixth generation of gaming consoles and sold over 150 million units since its debut in 2000. Effectively, that means there will be no more new PlayStation 2 consoles once all available stock is gone. The PlayStation 2 far outsold all other home consoles, with another Sony product, the original PlayStation, coming in at second place at 102.49 million consoles sold. The original PlayStation ceased production in 2006.

    Some of the best selling games on the PlayStation 2 include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is its top-selling game with 17.33 million copies sold, and also had many popular and successful game franchises carry over from the PlayStation, such as Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, and Need for Speed, just to name a few.

    The PlayStation 2 is the last console to cease production from the sixth generation of consoles. The Sega Dreamcast ceased production in 2001, and the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube ceased their production in 2007. The PlayStation 2 was also the only backwards compatible console in the sixth generation of video game consoles, meaning it could also play games from the original PlayStation.

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