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Spammers take advantage of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a time to help appreciate women and advance the cause of women’s rights—but spammers are using it to appreciate technology (for the wrong reasons) and advance their spam onto unsuspecting Internet users. These threats originated in Russia and are disguised as online marketing promotions and links that might compromise your computer or other devices and leave them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

These spam attacks also occurred on Valentine’s Day and included offers for discounted jewelry and other merchandise. Symantec, one of the leading producers of anti-virus software, has advised those who are receiving spam to be cautious with unsolicited or unexpected emails, and to not be fooled by fake gift and product offers. Symantec is monitoring spam attacks around the clock to ensure that readers are kept up to date with information on the latest threats.

You can visit Symantec’s website to see how you can protect your computer against cyber attacks and unwanted spam.