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Tattoo@Home plans now come with free unli calls to Globe, TM mobile users

Remember that time when you wanted to call someone’s mobile, but didn’t have any load, so you resorted to using your landline instead? It was a good plan, but you were hesitant to push through since landline to mobile calls are so darn expensive. We’ve all had those days, but now these frustrating times are officially gone—for Globe Tattoo@Home users, that is.

Globe has announced that their Tattoo@Home internet+landline plans now come with free unlimited calls to Globe and TM mobile phones, alongside free NDD calls to fellow Globe landline subscribers. Tattoo@Home Plan 1099, for instance, gives you up to 1 Mbps of internet with a free landline. Landline is also free with Plan 1299, Plan 2299, and Plan 2999, which give you speeds of up to 2 Mbps, 3, Mbps, and 5 Mbps, respectively.

“Tattoo@Home is known for its reliability and its best value-for-money offers. And now with the free landline to mobile calls, it validates its position as the superior broadband in the market,” said Jurist Gamban, Head of Tattoo@Home Broadband. She stated as well in a press event that this new offering from Tattoo@Home is targeted at the Filipino family.

Tattoo@Home is also available in internet-only plans (Plan 799 and Plan 999), but with the chance of having free landline and free calls to mobile subscribers, we don’t see why you shouldn’t make the upgrade.