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X-Play holds StarCraft II Vengeance Cup Philippine Nationals starting April 27

Whether you’re a casual or amongst the best of the best gamers in the Philippines, X-Play Online Games, Inc. will launch theStarCraft IIVengeance Cup Philippine Nationals starting on April 27. Eliminations will begin in 100 Internet cafes across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The tournament will last over two months, with a cash pool of PHP 250,000 and merchandise from Razer. The finals will take place in June with the finals being held at the Cyberzone Area at the SM North EDSA Annex.

The tournament will be open to both casual fans and those who are veterans of various competitions. Players can register for either the Star Jeweled or Amateur competitions if they are new to the game. Higher level gamers of the game can register for the Pro-League e-Sports class. Registration will be online at www.xplay.ph, where gamers can choose where they are competing in among the 100 cafes nationwide. The venues will be any branch of Netopia, Mineski, and TheNet.com. To qualify, all you need is aStarCraft IIBattle.net account and be at least 13 years of age. Gamers between the age of 13 and 17 must present a consent form from their parent or guardian at the venue.

For the Pro-League Level, you must be among the top 32 Filipinos in the Battle.net rankings for StarCraft II a week before the tournament. Amateur and Pro-Leaguers will engage on 1 on 1 melees while Casual players will play in the Star Jeweled Challenge mode. For complete rules and mechanics for the StarCraft II Vengeance Cup Philippine Nationals, you can visit www.xplay.ph.