Converge ICT first to complete WiFi infra among players

    Converge ICT, the country’s premier pure end to end fiber data and internet service provider, recently announced the completion of the free WiFi infrastructure for the list of areas the Department of Information and Technology (DICT) has contracted under the Free Public Internet Access Program otherwise known as Free WiFi for All.

    The DICT has previously engaged all telco players through public bidding, to provide free public WiFi to Filipinos in an effort to make available “free, open and high-quality” Internet access to users. The free WiFi must be accessible in places like health centers, hospitals, parks, and schools, among others. 

    Converge ICT is the first to fulfill such service requirements, overcoming challenges and fast-tracking completion ahead of other contracted DICT vendors. DICT awarded 186 sites to Converge ICT including key areas like Manila, Pasay City, and Quezon City. 

    “We are glad to have been able to fulfill the task the DICT has given us,” said Ronald Brusola, chief technology officer of Converge ICT. “We are one with the government in providing high-quality internet access to Filipinos, and we will use our broad and strong infrastructure to give users seamless internet experience they deserve.”

    The internet is now a tool to accelerate economic, social, and educational opportunities. Beyond casual browsing and research, it is an important component for organizations to move forward with digitalization, and for citizens to communicate and transact with the government. According to a recent survey (Internet World States), the Philippines has 67 million internet users from a population of over 100 million. 

    “Converge ICT believes that access to the internet is a fundamental need, which drives us further to expand our network by forging partnerships and strengthening our infrastructure,” said Jesus Romero, chief operating officer of Converge ICT.

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