Globe Data Manager lets customers track data usage

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    Imagine having the capability to know where your mobile data goes and being able to control how it is consumed. Globe fully understands that this is what customers need and responds by introducing Data Manager, a feature that empowers customers to track and control their data usage.

    Data Manager provides Globe Prepaid and TM customers on Android with a comprehensive understanding of their data consumption by showing its breakdown. It gives them a view of the frequently used apps and lets them select which apps will be allowed access and can consume their data. This lets customers use their data only for activities that are important to them.

    Data Manager

    “We really care about empowering our customers at a time when uncertainty is so prevalent. Technology enables us to serve their needs through simple yet powerful features that are within their reach,” said Beck Eclipse, Globe chief customer experience officer.

    Globe values the hard-earned money customers spend for data and wants to ensure that it is used according to their needs. However, in some cases, customers are unaware that their data allocation is being used up by background apps that continuously run even when closed, resulting in a perception that their data is being eaten up despite having no usage. This can be stopped by Data Manager, giving customers the assurance that their data will not be wasted but instead maximized.

    “Over the past year, we have seen how connectivity has become increasingly critical. We are committed to continuously enhance our channels to enable customers to stay on top of their Globe account and keep them connected,” added Eclipse.

    Customers can access Data Manager by downloading the GlobeOne app at GlobeOne is the go-to digital companion of customers for everything Globe — such as tracking data usage, paying their bills, subscribing to promos, and more.

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