Nadine Lustre, fellow game changers show how you can be UNSTPPBL from Day-to-Night with GOMO

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    What do you do when your telco gives you the freedom and flexibility to live life anyway you want? You don’t stop–especially as GOMO marks a new era of serving non-stop day-to-night experiences to let its subscribers be unstoppable anytime, anywhere. 

    Take it from Nadine Lustre, the internet’s president and newly minted GOMO Ambassador, who dared to turn her day up a notch with her 30GB High Speed, No-Expiry Data with GOMO. She swapped her GBs via ‘Mo Creds all day and night to check out underrated scenes, grab healthy eats, and vibe in underground beats until the break of dawn.

    Along with her, fellow trailblazers and co-ambassadors of GOMO, Curtismith, who burns for music and culture; Gabs Gibbs, a creative and artistic genius; EJ Nacion, a queen slayer of the runway; and Lexi Mendiola, your fitness inspo and badass racer on the tracks, also used ‘Mo Creds for round-the-clock, endless fun experiences with GOMO. 

    Check out for yourself all the UNSTPPBL experiences that GOMO has to offer when you make the switch. Order a 5G-ready SIM and have it delivered straight to your doorstep at

    Morning: Discover what ‘Mo your GBs can offer

    Take a stroll and discover Escolta anew. Bask in downtown Manila’s sights and sounds, history, and its thriving creative community. Immerse yourself in culture and arts by checking out Hub Make Lab, an incubator for creative startups and artists, located at First United Building.

    At Hub Make Lab, you can find artistic pieces and unique trinkets passionately created by talented local artists from Manila. Shop non-stop by swapping 7.5GB No Expiry Data for PHP97 OFF to find new hobbies or styles from merchants such as Glorious Dias, Project Lemons, or Muli Thrift Shop. You can also beat the heat with a quick cold brew stop at The Den or Escolta Coffee, and make your experience memorable with snaps you can take home from Ligaya Studios.

    Noon: UNSTPPBL choices for eats

    There’s no reason to stop yourself from keeping up with your healthy choices when you can get a PHP50 OFF voucher by swapping 3.5GB No Expiry Data on ‘Mo Creds. Grab a hearty and healthy meal from a range of food options that’s good for you via GrabFood.

    Afternoon: Ride UNSTPPBL ’til sundown

    Go on a pedal power hour to sweat it out and release happy hormones at Ride Revolution, a boutique indoor cycling studio. Experience a 45-minute high-intensity and full-body workout that promotes wellness for both your mind and body at a discounted price by swapping 15GB No Expiry Data via ‘Mo Creds for a PHP300 OFF on your class package.

    Night: UNSTPPBL party ’til sun up

    On May 24, Nadine led the kick off of the series of multi-sensory party experiences that GOMO will be hosting with Very Done. 

    You can dive into the aesthetic visuals, amazing sounds from various artists and DJs, and interactive fun from night to the break of dawn, all for FREE at Very Done’s Danger Danger Fridays at Apotheka and The Medium Wednesdays at Nokal when you swap 5GB No Expiry Data in ‘Mo Creds.

    From Hereon: ‘Mo UNSTPPBL reasons to GOMO

    But GOMO’s not stoppin’ there! GOMO is supporting Nadine’s “Run for Kapon” in Siargao to raise awareness about animal welfare and raise funds to address the overpopulation of animals in the island. Her own business, Maison Bukana Wines, will also be launching exclusive deals via ‘Mo Creds soon.

    GOMO is also partnering with mo communities in arts and culture, music, fitness, travel, food, and fashion to bring mo unstoppable experiences to its subscribers.

    GOMO UNSTPPBL serves as the launchpad for all the newest and most exciting things that GOMO has to offer its subscribers starting today, continuing to give them the freedom and flexibility to be unstoppable from day to night.

    “Trying out new things, pushing new boundaries, staying connected with family, friends and various communities, and sharing it with everyone is a big part of what inspires me daily. That’s why I love GOMO–it fuels my unstoppable lifestyle, any time, anyway I want,” declares Nadine Lustre.

    Switch to GOMO now and see all the unstoppable experiences yourself! Visit and follow to know more! #WeDontStop #WeGOMO

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