Keep your stories going with 16GB from Smart Giga Stories 99

    Even though many of us have to stay home to protect ourselves from the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we can’t establish meaningful connections anymore. Thanks to mobile internet and various social media apps, we can always connect with our family, friends and our favorite personalities with just a few taps on our phone.

    To keep us connecting and sharing our stories with friends and loved ones, Smart offers Giga Stories 99, which comes with a total of 16GB, valid for 7 days! By registering to Giga Stories 99, subscribers get Free Stories for All, which means having a total of 14GB for FB, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at 2GB per day, plus 2GB worth of open access data.

    With this much data, you definitely won’t miss an update from the people you care about. You can also cheer up your peers by sharing more inspiring content, or use your voice to raise awareness within your social circle and help those in need. 

    On top of these, you can also enjoy access to all your favorite online content – whether it’s streaming video and music, working with productivity apps, uploading your own content, playing mobile games, and more.

    To subscribe to Smart Giga Stories 99, just dial *123# and choose Free Stories for All.

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