Travel the world with Google Earth 6.2

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    Google Earth 6.2 was recently released, which promises more “seamless imagery and a new search interface.”

    Google Earth is pretty awesome, and if you’ve ever tried it out you’ll know what I mean. In previous versions, the aerial photographs would sometimes appear to be “patchy” because of the differences in atmospheric and lighting condtions the collated images were taken in. Google has improved this, eliminating what they call the “quilt” effect, thereby preserving more detailed textures of the topography.

    The search function has also been enhanced, which now features “search layers” and Autocomplete, which makes it even easier to use. But what’s even better, is that Google Earth now provides biking/walking directions to your destination, letting you virtually visualize alternate routes for your daily commute. Additionally, it seems as if Google+ might not be so dead after all, since the new Google Earth lets you share screenshots of to your Circles, adding a virtual travel log to share with your contacts.


    Want to give it a go? Download Google Earth 6.2


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