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Garmin launches the fēnix 6 series of GPS multisport watches

Building on three decades of experience, Garmin has just unveiled the latest line of GPS-enabled smart watches to serve as the perfect companion to athletes and enthusiasts everywhere. Build with a heart for adventure, the fēnix 6 series brings a few new features on top of an already rich set, for the ultimate active companion.

Just staying at the office and not concerned about your heart rate or elevation? Power Manager allows you to disable features that you might not need at the moment in order to extend battery life. Pace Pro lets you know of elevation changes along your route so you can manage your exertion and get the most from your training time. Body Battery monitors your workouts, sleep times, and breaks, and Garmin’s largest round display lets you do all this without having to break your focus.

“We understand the need for more power for longer usage of our multisport products and we are thrilled to introduce new innovative features to enhance the power management of the fēnix 6X Pro Solar edition, giving users all of the features they’ve come to expect from the fēnix lineup with increased battery life and larger displays,” said Al Sundoro, Managing Director, South Asia and India. “We’ve built the fēnix 6 to redefine expectations, with enhanced features and design elements to appeal to adventurers of every kind, in any environment.”

The fēnix 6 and fēnix 6X are sized to be more comfortable on the wrist, while at the same time bumping the screen size up, over the previous generation. Quick release straps in a whole selection of colors and materials to match your outfits and activities.

The fēnix 6X Solar has all the features of the 6x with the inclusion of solar charging. Designed with Power Glass, a transparent solar charging lens, it allows sunlight to trickle charge the watch for an additional three days of charge, on top of its already impressive 21-day smartwatch life.

Out of the box, the fēnix series includes topographic maps for outdoor adventures, ski maps for over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide, and 41,000 golf courses. Featuring on-device music storage of up to 2,000 songs, allowing users to sync playlists from several of the most popular music services, no phone required. It’s easy to stay connected with the fēnix 6 series that allows users to receive alerts on the wrist for incoming calls, texts, emails and more by enabling smart notifications. With the addition of wrist-based heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and Pulse Ox blood oxygen monitoring, the watch’s Body Battery feature lets you see how much energy you have on tap, based on sleep, heart rate variability, activity, and stress.

The complete fēnix 6 series will be available from end October at the following prices: