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Know Where Your Kids Are All The Time!

Do you worry about the safety of your kids? Would it help to know where they are? Would you like them to be able to reach you in case they need help?

For your peace of mind, Alcatel has developed the MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch, an innovative security device that children can wear. Download the MOVETIME Track & Talk app to your smartphone and you can track your kinds through their smartwatch anytime and anywhere you are.

Some of the security and safety features of the watch are:

Geo-location. Using a blend of GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi, you can locate your kids within 90 seconds. It is fast, reliable and simple.  You can even track their pace, activities, and get statistics.

Set a safe place. This feature warns you immediately when your kids enter or leave a pre-set safe zone. This assures you that they are within the bounds of their comfort zone, thus become protected from unwanted areas that may pose risk to their protection.

Alert Notifications. With alert notifications, you get instant notices on your smartphone. You don’t need to check on your phone minute by minute as the notifications will alert you of your kids’ activities, thus freeing you to focus on matters at the office or at home, without the hassle of checking on your phone every so often.

Call Assigned Numbers. This feature allows you and assigned family members to call your kids to check on them and remind them of stuff to do or things to remember. If they cannot answer the phone (like when they’re in class), you can send voice messages. In case your child needs to talk to someone in the family, he can call up to 10 assigned numbers.

The MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch comes with a touch button that your kids can easily operate. It comes in cool and funky colors—blue and orange— that your kids will adore. Its battery life can go as long as four days on stand-by. It is built to be flexible and durable, and is also water- and dust proof.

The Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch is initially being offered to PLDT Telpad subscribers for an additional PHP 199 per month. The PLDT Telpad plan starts at PHP 1,849 and comes with the landline, Home DSL, and Telpad unit. To get the Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch for your kids, visit http://pldthome.com/telpad/smartwatch.

For more information about MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch, go to Alcatel Philippines Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alcatelmobilephilippines.