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Sarisarisounds gives you nothing but OPM online

If video killed the radio star then the internet is definitely a God-send to resurrect radio back from the dead, making it bolder and edgier than ever. One online radio station to check out is Sari-Sari Sounds.com, a station that plays nothing but “Original Filipino Music” as Protégé aka Jon Uriarte of Fliptop Battle League and Audible MCs fame so eloquently shares as you click on the online stream and you are welcomed into the wonderful world of OPM.

The station is on 24/7 and while all of the music is mostly underground and indie, everything is definitely homegrown. The online station also includes a variety of talk shows (schedules can be seen right on the page as well as blogs, photos, and even podcasts of previous shows) and are aired during times where you’re probably stuck in front of a computer and online somewhere, be it at work or at home. And since there’s really not much censorship online, you can expect a less inhibited take on certain issues as well as the expressing of opinions. Truly a refreshing albeit liberated way of sharing what our local talent has to offer.

So if you’ve just about exhausted your iPod and you want to listen to something more homegrown, tune in to sarisarisounds.com for that original Filipino goodness.