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Gaming: Life After

There is no better time to be a mobile gamer than now. Leveraging the capabilities of powerful processors, massive RAM, and stunning display panels, app developers continue to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to give us immersive gameplay on a pocket-sized device. There is no end to the action-packed and detail-rich titles you can enjoy; and if you’re like the rest of us, always scouring the app marketplace for the next best zombie-slaying game, LifeAfter is one you’d want to sink your teeth into.

LifeAfter is a thrilling mix of different genres in one. As you can derive from its name, it is a simulation, RPG, survival, multi-player, and sandbox game set in a world overrun by zombies. To understand the gameplay, you must first play its story-driven tutorial. In post-apocalyptic Hope Valley, players start off in the back of a truck fending off attacking undead. This is where players will get acquainted with combat controls. There’s a virtual joystick for moving around and buttons for actions such as shooting, punching, ducking, and jumping conveniently placed on either side of the screen.

The truck that was carrying you and another survivor loses control and falls over a cliff, but you survive the crash. Having gotten away from the chaos, the player meets Aleksey, a non-playable character (NPC) that will teach you the ropes of the game. Provided with tools such as a pick and axe, you can begin gathering wood and stone by cutting down trees breaking up boulders. These are essential in fortifying your base later on in the game. There are also other resources spread throughout the terrain which you can directly pick up.

While exploring, the player and Aleksey cross paths with an evolved mutant, which you successfully evade initially. You will encounter this pivotal mutant all through the tutorial and eventually go head to head against in an exhilarating boss fight.

Rescue brings you to Hope 101, a developed headquarters of the last of human’s resistance against the infected. At the HQ, you’ll get the chance to go around and interact with various NPCs about game mechanics and trade. This is where you will also get first sighting of actual players visiting shops for materials and taking on quests.

The mayor of Hope 101 commends your bravery and enlists you to be part of an elite force responsible for conquering and establishing bases to champion the human race. You will be sent over to a 101 development zone wherein the real action begins.

LifeAfter is a zombie game and so much more. You will have to build a manor from scratch. From the construction materials you have gathered, you can begin crafting walls, door, and even a second floor complete with a balcony–the perfect vantage point for sniping or shooting arrows at zombies. When players have already exhausted materials in 101, they can travel to other forests and zones via a helicopter in the development zone. These areas are infested with zombie hordes and even fellow players exploring about. While these pose danger to the player, the zones are brimming with materials that will allow you a zombie-proof shelter and plenty of food for restoring energy. Exploring also boosts your skill proficiency so you can craft better quality materials unlock high in health and energy recipes.

The game also provides you with a trusty dog and has a friends system making survival in the post-apocalyptic world less daunting and more entertaining.


Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2019 Issue