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Human Nature partners with GET Philippines to launch “Goodness Riding” ad campaign

The COMET with Human Nature's transport Ad

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Human Nature teamed up with Global Electric Transportation (GET) to rally its campaign for a better and beautiful Philippines. A move out of the sincere love for the country, this venture sees the roll out of Human Nature’s first transport ad campaign “Goodness Riding.”

Human Nature: Pro-Philippines, Pro-poor, and Pro-environment

Human Nature is known as the country’s leader in natural and affordable personal care, cosmetics, and home care products. For 6 years now, the brand has always been in the forefront of supporting all-Filipino and eco-friendly produce. This is in line with the company’s commitment to its Pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment vision.

Having waved opportunities to promote through ads for the longest time—pouring resources into fine-tuning products and other social enterprises, instead—Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (GKI), the social enterprise behind the Human Nature brand, has seen the COMET a perfect fit for their advocacy.

Dylan Wilk, vice president of Human Nature stated, “Human Nature was born because we believe that the Philippines can not only catch up, but can lead the world in many fields one day, even in science and technology. The COMET has the potential to transform Manila’s roads from noisy, polluted thoroughfares into peaceful, sleek 21st century streets of the future. They are a natural match for us. The COMET brings our pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment vision closer in every way, since even the drivers have guaranteed income and can earn far more than in a regular jeepney with COMET.”


The COMET is a lithium-ion battery-powered mass transport vehicle launched in the country earlier this year—ahead of the E-Trikebayan. The COMET can seat up to 20 passengers, making it a sustainable alternative to the fuel-hungry and carbon-emitting jeepneys taking over the streets of the country. Each unit is fitted with various technologies such as a CCTV Camera and GPS, giving commuters ease of security during trips.  This e-vehicle makes use of a cashless “Tap In, Tap Out” system. Passengers must purchase a GETPass—reloadable card–to pay for the fare. On top of all these integrations, the COMET also has designated stops and terminals making it a fast, efficient, and safe option.

GET Philippines is the company behind the City Optimized Managed Electric Transport (COMET). Its aim is to make public transportation safe and dignified in the Philippines. The COMET as Tony Meloto–founder of Gawad Kalinga–puts it, is a fitting tribute to the everyday heroes, drivers and commuters alike.

“Good Riding”

According to GET Philippines, 35,000 public utility jeepneys are set to be replaced with the COMET within a timetable of 5 to 7 years. The company made it clear that the roll out of the COMET will not displace jeepney drivers and operators. With that, GET has tapped jeepney associations and a transport groups to meet their goal. COMET drivers will receive a monthly salary along with other benefits such as health care and social security. To own a unit, drivers will also be offered affordable daily amortization rates, according to the GET Philippines president, Freddie Tinga.

“We are very excited with this partnership with Human Nature because we share the same business approach: the triple bottom line — People and Planet while maintaining enough Profit to ensure that the business continues to deliver good value to the community,” adds Freddie Tinga, President of GET Philippines.

Human Nature has won accolades from venerable institutions such as the World Economic Forum. Recently, the brand was invited to share its social enterprise model at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon and World Forum in Lille, France.

To know more about the COMET, log on to www.getevee.com/ph and look out for Human Nature’s Good Riding ad imprinted on COMETS going round the metro.

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