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Survey says: people go online to pass the time

A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals that a number of young adults go online for no particular reason at all, other than to have “fun” and pass the time.

If this sounds like you, then you’re probably between 18-29 years old, and are just like 53 percent of other folks that leisurely travel the endless web of cyberspace…just because. The study also reveals that as age increases, going online becomes more purposeful, consisting of more objective tasks such as checking emails or doing research. The trend seems to suggest that the web is no longer seen as an information library, but might very well be a place…to loiter.

While the survey, entitled “Internet as a Diversion”,  is based on Americans Internet habits, this might very well reflect Filipinos own online stats. So do you often find yourself going online for no particular reason? Or is access to Wi-Fi one of your primary concerns whenever you’re out and about? Would you rather stay home and go online as opposed to say, going to the mall or talking a walk in the park? Would you rather go on YouTube than read a book?

How has the Internet changed your life?