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First Impression: Samsung Galaxy S III




It has finally arrived at the Gadgets office, and I have the good fortune to do the unboxing. Here goes!


The first thing you notice as soon as you pick the S III up out of the box is the pleasant heft. It isn’t a heavy device, but it feels very solid in hand. We got the unit in ceramic white, and I have to admit, it’s a sexy little cookie. It’s almost *too* thin. Any thinner and you would have little left to grab on to. Samsung’s new flagship device is all curves, and you won’t feel a single hard edge on the whole device.


The front of the device is basically all screen, and what a screen it is. Bright, crisp and super clear. The whole front of this Samsung is clad in Gorilla Glass 2, save for the single hard button at the bottom of the front face. The only other hard keys are the volume rocker and power, on the left and right edges of the phone respectively. It’ an easy verdict: This is a phone you’re going to want to own based on looks and feel alone.


Stay posted, We’re going to send this to the lab and put it through its paces. You’ll get a proper review soon.