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Users complaining about Google Nexus 7 touchscreen issues

When you out a product as revolutionary and as affordable as the Nexus 7, corners inevitably would be cut. Seems like one of the corners that had been cut was product QC – Geek.com’s Ryan Whitarm is reporting that his Google Nexus 7 is experiencing touchscreen issues. We’ll let the man explain it himself:

“On occasion, the right side of the screen will stop picking up touch inputs. This has happened in a variety of situations, but I’ve found that one surefire way to trigger it is to play a Tegra game. These games push the hardware, and it only takes a few minutes for the screen to start degrading in performance.”

“Touching the right side (when held in portrait) of the screen sometimes elicits no response from the tablet. Sometimes the Nexus 7 will detect the touch, but quickly loses connection and the touch point is lost. The dead area runs all the way up the height of the panel, and across to about the mid point. The severity of the issue seems to vary over time; some occurrences are much less serious than others. To temporarily solve the issue, I can turn the screen off and back on.”

This isn’t an isolated issue. Numerous users are also reporting this problem on XDA developers which also report several issues with their Nexus 7s, which include backlight bleeding and charging issues. If you have a Nexus 7 in your posession right now, please comment on the thread below to shout out if you’re unit is working fine or it’s exhibiting strange behavior.

Source: Geek.com