And it begins – CyagenMod gets Android working on a HP TouchPad

    One of the main reasons why a lot of people picked up the HP TouchPad when it went on sale a few weeks ago (other than the $99 price) was the hope that modders would be able to wrangle Android in it because hey, you never know right? Well, it seems like we’re going to see Android running on it soon – the crew over at CyagenMod has released a teaser video of sorts, showing a TouchPad clearly running Android (Gingerbread according to the source). Right now the team says everything’s still in Alpha, which is geek talk for “not being remotely done”, but as it stands the team is making good progress. One of their main goals with the project is being able to boot in multiple OSes, including WebOS, Android, CyangenMod OS and 0thers. Check the video for more info.

    Source: RootzWiki

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