Caltex Launches Techron D Concentrate For A Cleaner and Better Performing Engine

    Good news to diesel-fueled car owners!

    Caltex Philippines, one of the leading petroleum brands in the country, launched the Techron D Concentrate, a premium diesel fuel additive that deeply cleans the deposits on your engine. Integrated with Precision Clean Technology, this one-tank cleanup solution also removes clog on your fuel injectors. It also comes with Cetane Improver which reduces the ignition delay period between first injection of the fuel into the cylinder and the start of combustion.

    Effective in both older and latest common rail diesel engines, the Techron D treats up to 80 liters of fuel every 5,000 km. Restoring lost engine power, improving engine responsiveness, as well as maximizing its fuel economy are just among the benefits of the said fuel additive.

    It can also be mixed to all types of diesel fuel including those with low sulfur, bio-diesel and bio-diesel blends.

    Hafiz Nasar, Finished Lubricants Area Business Manager of Chevron Philippines, said: “Caltex always aims to help its customers keep their vehicles at their optimal performance. With Techron D Concentrate, our customers will enjoy its benefits and precision clean technology feature to having superior clean engines.”

    The newest addition to the Techron Concentrate Plus line is now available in Caltex branches nationwide for only PHP 355.00

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