Gay Marriage may set precedent for Human-Robot Marriage

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    Even though it is still holds true that culture has a tendency to lag against the advancement of technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t catch up sooner or later. Such is the argument of Republican candidate for the U.S. House representing Maryland’s 4th District, Robert Broadus, who asserts that there is a ‘science behind the issue’ and argues, “If you pass this [same-sex marriages] bill, you will set the ground work that one day artificial intelligence is that advanced, we will be considering if we can marry our androids.”

    He then cites the Sci-Fi series Star Trek and how Lieutenant Commander Data is able to generate a tear because he was capable of emotion.

    His audience may have let out a chuckle after that, but then again, we once thought racial segregation could not be abolished. So perhaps with a little time, men and women may find that they are no longer just competing amongst themselves when it comes to “finding the perfect mate.”

    Listen to his entire speech below:

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