Get dad the latest phones and blazing-fast LTE connectivity with Smart





    Dads are unsung heroes of the home. They silently patch up our broken toys, give us gems of advice, and keep us safe from the dangers of the outside world, and ask for nothing in return.  This Father’s Day, give dad a little something back, with the latest phones and widest LTE coverage with Smart.

    To cater to dad’s many connectivity and tech needs, Smart has come up with a lineup of the  latest LTE-capable smartphones in plans to cater to every budget. Pick from the Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 920, Huawei Ascend D1, ZTE T82, and Sony Xperia V and Z.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4, the world’s most advanced Android phone, can his at PHP 1800 per month for 24 months at All-In Plan 1200. This amount can then be used to avail of  the Unlimited Call and Text Combo 999, giving dad unlimited calls and texts to Smart and Talk N’ Text plus 1GB of mobile internet for 30 days and P201 fully-consumable load. The PHP 600 monthly installment payment for the S4 is added on top, and charged to any of Smart’s major credit card partners.

    The Nokia Lumia 920, is bundled for free with Smart’s Unli Data Plan 1500, which comes with unlimited LTE connectivity* and 120 all-net texts, plus 60 minutes worth of all-net calls, with a 3o-month retention period. Head over to the nearest Smart Store now, as they are the exclusive carrier of the Lumia 920 in the Philippines.

    The Sony Xperia Z, also exclusively offered by Smart, is available free at Smart Unli Data Plan 2000 for 24 months. This comes with unlimited LTE connectivity* plus 200 texts and 150 minutes calls to all networks. Also available rom Smart is the Sony Xperia V, little brother to the Xperia Z, which can be availed of for free at Smart All-In Plan 1200.

    Discriminating dads can opt for the Huawei Ascent D1, one of the brand’s finest LTE smartphones to date, at Smart All-In Plan 1200, and the ZTE T82, a great entry-level LTE smartphone at Smart All-In Plan 800.

    Smart postpaid subscribers can also customize their monthly plans telco’s newly launched postpaid offer, Flexibundles. These include unlimited call and SMS combos, tri-net or all-net buckets, and volume-based data plans. Smart Subscribers simply need to register to these buckets via SMS.

    To learn more about these offers, check or visit the Smart Store nearest you.

    *until June 30, 2013



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