Globe Business expands M2M solutions for enterprise

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    Making a business profitable is all about getting the right information when you need it the most. That’s the whole premise behind Globe Business’ expansion of their M2M (machine to machine) solutions for enterprise, which was officially launched last August 16 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Makati.

    M2M allows businesses, CTOs and decision makers to effectively monitor and oversee their fixed or moving assets, allowing them to make on the fly decisions more accurately if need be. For example, the Fleet Management solution allows businesses to track where their logistical assets are (trucks, delivery vans) in real time, while Fixed Asset management allows managers to track certain values of their assets (temperatures of freezers for example) and send alerts whenever a certain threshold is reached.

    The Security and Surveillance solution does exactly that. Motion and door sensors placed around sensitive assets guard them from pilferage and theft, while panic buttons allow quick response to dangerous situations. What’s nice about the solutions is that they are totally customizable depending on the business that requires it. For example, a business that hauls important cargo can opt to have the Fleet Management solution which keeps track of where their trucks are plus Security and Surveillance solutions to alert the dispatcher if the doors on the cargo trucks are opened ahead of schedule. As Globe Business Head Jesus C. Romero said during the event, “the only limit to what we can do is the imagination of the client.”



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