Intel announces plans to join the mobile market

    Intel is once again set on becoming a major player in the mobile chip market, after a “failed partnership” with Nokia.  CEO Paul Otellini has revitalized the company’s interest earlier this week by announcing to the press that consumers should expect smartphones powered by Intel within the first part of next year.

    Their purported entry is codenamed Medfield, a 32-nanometer platform based on the low power Atom processor. While there is no official announcement yet on which smartphone manufacturers will house the chip, Intel claims that “premiere-brand vendors” will be equipping it.

    While some of us might agree that mobile smartphones are the future, several doubts will obviously arise on whether or not Intel can successfully integrate within this particular sector of the tech market.  The company already dominates the PC/laptop niche with few, if any, competitors, but in terms of mobile processors, some analysts claim that Intel’s experience and capabilities might not be as advanced.

    Furthermore, if Intel does eventually release a smartphone powered by their processor (after two years of unrealized claims), will it be able to stand out significantly in a market that is already dominated by seasoned smartphone chip manufacturers and suppliers such as Nvidia and Qualcomm?  This remains to be seen.


    Source: CNET

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