Lenovo exec says that Samsung only sold 20,000 Tabs out of 1M shipped

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    Remember the first Galaxy Tab? The one that Samsung said had sold 1M units? Well, Lenovo exec Andrew Barrow, who is the director of consumer products and pricing for Chinese computer company called shenanigans on their rival’s claim, and said that the Korean electronics giant only sold 20,000 units of the 1M shipped in an effort to “buy share” from market leader Apple, according to a report in the Guardian. According to the report, the Lenovo exec said that the problem with trying to substantially undercut the price of the Apple iPad, of which around 30m have so far been sold, was that “any [manufacturer] would be giving money away.”

    Which is odd, since one of Lenovo’s tablet offerings, the recently announced IdeaPad A1, is aimed squarely at destabilizing Apple’s iPad is going to be priced at $199. Since Samsung has not made exact sales figures for the first Galaxy Tab publicly available, it’s hard to tell if the revelation is true or is merely a case of corporate smack-talk.

    Source: The Guardian

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