Lenovo officially launches IdeaPad K1 tablet locally

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    First it was Asus, then Acer, Samsung and now Lenovo. Seems that the local tablet market is getting kinda crowded, yeah? Lenovo’s entry into the local Honeycomb tablet scene is a nice breath of fresh air, even though it doesn’t bring anything new hardware-wise that we haven’t seen before.

    The IdeaPad K1 is your typical Honeycomb tablet – dual-core Tegra 2 1GHz processor, 10-inch capacitive multitouch screen, etc., though Lenovo has crammed a couple of software goodies into the K1 to try and set it apart from the crowd. This includes their own take on the social network aggregator which they’ve dubbed SocialTouch, their own take on the Android market called Lenovo App Shop and a slew of productivity tools and games that come pre-installed with the device.

    One thing we did like was the fact that the K1 had a hardware orientation lock on the side of the device, which we imagine would help immensely when you started reading with it. The IdeaPad K1 is now available locally and will retail for Php 24,900, which we assume is for the 32GB 16GB version. We’ll have our review up next week so keep watching this space.

    Edit: We stand corrected. The price posted is for the 32GB version which makes the Lenovo K1 all the more enticing.

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