LG 32LE5500 unboxing

    So LG delivered their brand spanking new 32-inch LE5500 to the Gadgets office the other day. Which was excellent timing as I’ve been hankering to test another LED TV, and there was a pile of movies sitting at my desk just waiting to be enjoyed. So I present to you the LE5500 in all her anorexic glory.

    The box comes in the standard LG red and white color scheme, with the requisite picture icons teasing the features of the TV within.

    The actual TV. It’s not as flashy as other TVs design-wise, but I personally like its understated elegance.

    The back connections. There’s enough connectivity options here to satisfy most consumers.

    Two USB connectors grace the side, along with audio connectors.

    Contents of the box. Manual, the usual LG remote, additional connectors and installation CD.

    Check out how thin this thing is. That’s a Nokia 6600i mobile phone inserted for comparison.

    What the TV looks like when fully assembled.

    Well, that’s it for this unboxing. Watch out for our review of this beautiful TV in the November issue of Gadgets Magazine!

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