Meet Luce, the first solar powered laptop

    Meet Luce, the double solar panel powered PC, a concept laptop designed by Andrea Ponti. It’s rumored to be able to power continuously under the sun by utilizing two solar panels located on the back of the display and beneath the touch keyboard.

    It’s still unconfirmed whether this model has actually been tested, but Ponti’s concept was shortlisted in Fujitsu’s design competition earlier this year. Whether or not the company will push thru with manufacturing this solar powered laptop is still in the wind.

    As for now, we can only imagine what it would be like to actually own the first fully functional solar powered laptop, which could hopefully lead us to greener pastures in the wasteland of technology. In Ponti’s words,

    Luce is a concept designed to turn maker’s attention to real sustainable production. Wireless devices, powered by nature, completely free of cables, represent the future for a sustainable development focused on user’s real needs.


    Source: TheTechJournal

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