Need another reason to work out? Here’s one.

    ArchivesNeed another reason to work out? Here's one.

    One of the bigger reasons not to work out is the presence of the personal computer. It keeps us tethered to its warm glow, and kills time before we know what is going on. Students from the University of Munich have kindly provided an answer in the form of glowy ball that sits on your bike, and connects to your computer. On its own, it isn’t much more than a pretty light. As you charge, the orb slowly “charges” itself to a green-light state. When it is full, everything on your computer works just fine. As you use the charge, though, it slowly makes its way tot he discharged red-light state, and drags your computer’s mouse sensitivity all the way down to the lowest setting. This will hopefully inconvenience the user enough to get off their butts and raise their heart rate a little. Read more about the project HERE.


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