Nokia “unveils” first Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed “Sea Ray”

    You just gotta love reporters who don’t follow instructions. In a private event where Nokia CEO Stephen Elop gave a talk to reporters, the Nokia head honcho gave selected media a sneak peek into the first device of the company running Windows Phone 7 with strict instructions not to photograph or record it. Naturally the reporters then promptly ignored him and took videos and pictures of the new device. Eerily similar to the just released Nokia N9 device unveiled earlier this week, the new device seems like a good match of the excellent hardware we saw on the N9 combined with some of the more distinct features of Windows Phone 7. More importantly, the device tells us that Nokia probably  has smartphones in its HQ running Windows Phone 7, and that it won’t be long until we see full fledged retail units with Phone 7 running. We’ve embedded a short snippet of the presentation below, and you can go to for the whole shebang.


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