NVIDIA announces StarCraft 2 tournament, set all phasers to pwn

    Archives NVIDIA announces StarCraft 2 tournament, set all phasers to pwn

    You think you’re the shiznit when it comes to SC2? Well, now you have an opportunity to prove it. NVIDIA’s sponsoring an online tourney for both amateur and pro level SC2 players, and it’s dangling over $22,000 worth of cash and prizes as incentive to annihilate your enemies. According to the official release, there are levels of two participation:

    • Pro Open: The top StarCraft II players in the world will be competing in the pro line-up with no limit to the number of players.
    • Amateur Open: Amateur registration is open and free to all ages of 16 and over with no limit to the number of total entries per Protoss, Terran, or Zerg.

    All tournaments are 1 versus 1 (1v1) head-to-head battles. There will be at least 5 weeks of guaranteed group play, with the top players from each group moving on to the double-elimination championship brackets. The games will be shoutcasted by Husky and Day 9, and will be broadcast on and the Game Station YouTube channel. World-class tournament features including match setting, anti-cheat controls, leaderboards and more are being provided by tournament management veterans, Cevo.  ASUS is the official hardware sponsor offering GeForce GTX 500-series of GPU products to the top 20 pro and amateur winners.

    Interested? Then go to here to the official sign-up page and get ready for war.

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