Pioneer’s Steez Audio brings beats to the streets

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    Pioneer officially launched their Steez Audio line – a series of compact and portable speakers crafted specifically for “every style of dancer around the world.”

    Now you might wonder what unique features could a set of portable speakers possibly offer dancers? Well, Pioneer has placed a unique “Auto Battle Mode” into the Steez Audio systems complete with a countdown timer, which essentially selects and switches tracks of the same genre automatically to “simulate” dance-offs. Additionally, there is a Tempo Control function which allows you to change a song’s speed without altering its key, which a lot of folks will find useful, although we didn’t get a chance to hear how the shift affected audio fidelity.

    Pioneer wasn’t joking when they set out to create something compact. The two models pictured above, the Type S (STZ-D10S-L) and Type T (STZ-D10T-G) respectively, are very portable. And for lack of a better comparison, they’re about as big (and actually similarly shaped) as the large bars of Toblerone (yes the chocolate). The Type T is also waterproof, which makes it perfect to take around anywhere.

    Last but definitely not the least, is the Type Z (STZ-D10Z-R), which is larger and more powerful than its siblings. It’s a 2.1 channel system, that has a total output of 40W/RMS, that can kick out frequencies as far as 50Hz down the spectrum for a richer low end. You can see its 3.5-inch QVGA LCD in the photo above that is counting down in Auto Battle Mode, ready to signal the end of a dancer’s “performance” time.

    All three systems have 4GB of memory built into it, but it also doubles as an iPod dock, has an aux jack, and a USB port that allows you to hook up an external drive or link it straight to a computer. Additionally, you can take advantage of Pioneer’s MIXTRAX software which analyzes your music library and lets you create fluid non-stop mixes. There’s a whole lot of other features, but we’ll get into that when our review unit comes in.


    Suggested Retail Prices:
    Type S: Php 11,990
    Type T: Php 15,990
    Type Z: Php 24,990

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