Razer unveils first discrete 7.1 surround sound headset

    ArchivesRazer unveils first discrete 7.1 surround sound headset

    Razer’s at it again. After releasing their Electra headphones for the more budget minded gamer, they’ve now unleashed their more enthusiast minded Tiamat. Billed as the first, discrete 7.1 surround headset for truly serious gamers, the Tiamat packs a total of 10 discrete drivers, 5 in each circumaural ear cup to give you true pinpoint positional surround sound. As gamers ourselves, we can tell you that having a good headset is usually what separates you from being a good player to being on top of the leaderboard. There’s also going to be a 2.2 stereo surround sound version of the Tiamat, which we gather will have a lower price point. Speaking of price, it’s retailing overseas for about $179 (about Php 7900) a pop, though there’s no word on local pricing yet.

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