Running out of juice? Top up with MiLi. (They’re on sale, but not for long!)





    One of the most painful realities of computers, the set of which includes the smartphones and tablets so dear to us, is that they are powered by electricity– electricity that is stored in batteries and eventually runs out. Today’s LTE devices are notorious for blowing through power like it’s on sale.

    Apart from never leaving the house and tethering yourself to a wall outlet, the mobile user has one real option: the portable power bank. MiLi, the first name in portable power, has power packs for every dire low-battery situation, from just needing to make it to the outlet, to serious adventuring in the wall-less outdoors. To sweeten the deal, MiLi Philippines is taking 20% off of selected products until the last seconds of July 3, 2013 when you shop at and enter the Coupon Code POWERSALE062013 at checkout. Never get caught out in the dark again. Carrying around more than one full charge is always a good idea, and there’s no better brand than MiLi with which to do it.

    Just to repeat: The sale is going on from this moment until the end of July 3. Once the clock hits the first seconds of July 4, it’ll be too late, so don’t waste any more time, and head over to now.


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