Silverstone Technology Launches 2018 Product Line

    SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd. (SST), one of the biggest designers and manufacturers of computer parts and accessories in the world introduces their 2018 product line in the Philippines with a launch party for its local dealers and customers. After having successfully hosted launch events in the Philippines the last couple of years, demands for its products has continued growing steadily.

    According to Marketing Manager Tony Ou, “SilverStone’s growth in the Philippines has had positive impact in not only increased revenue for our brand, but also positive influence in our product design and planning that helps us create more products that better align with our local customers here. We now very much look forward to our time here in not only educating everyone about the upcoming products, but also listening to feedbacks from those that have used our products extensively.”

    SilverStone’s state-of-the-art products are more than capable of handling the heavy hardware and software requirements of Philippines’ Tech Industry. End users, gamers, enthusiasts and professionals can greatly benefit from the brand’s 2018 product line which features a host of Tower Chassis and small form factor cases that redefine the concept of form and function. Aside from PC enclosures and casings, SilverStone also announced power supplies and accessories that give enthusiasts and users the most value and performance for their money. And for the first time ever, SilverStone debuted two never before seen prototypes to the audience in the Launch Party, further emphasizing its commitment to the Philippine Tech Industry.

    An established leader in their field since 2003, SilverStone prides itself in providing products that become a source of inspiration to techies, gamers and computer enthusiasts everywhere. Advanced technologies and creative designs are integrated with high-power functional capabilities to create memorable user experience. Currently, SilverStone products are available all over the globe, not just for ICT-related functions but also for home entertainment use. Experience a new level of computer technology at your fingertips.

    Get these newest gaming rigs and peripherals now at authorized Silverstone distributors nationwide. For more information, visit their website.

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