Ultrabooks: what they are, and who has ’em

    Anyone who’s been following the techno-sphere as religiously as us might have probably encountered the newest buzzword in the industry: the ultrabook. With different companies coming out with their own model of the ultrabook, we thought it’d be nice to explain what it is exactly.

    The ultrabook is term that chip manufacturer Intel coined for an emerging niche of products that are exceptionally thin and light while retaining mainstream-like functionality and excellent battery life. It’s like ultra-light notebooks of yore, we guess, without the crippled performance that those units usually give.

    Basically, think of ultrabooks as Window-fied MacBook Airs.

    And there’s a bunch of ultrabooks coming your way once the holiday season rolls around. There’s the Asus UX21 (which we spotted back in COMPUTEX) that’ll be sporting a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, Lenovo’s IdeaPad U300s, Acer’s Aspire A3 and Toshiba’s PORTÉGÉ Z830.

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