Blincc Cycling crowdfunds on Kickstarter

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    Blincc Cycling is a Singapore-based brand that has grown from the local cycling community. It has developed two products that will be offered for Kickstarter crowdfunding.

    Dedicated to creating a safer commute for cyclists, especially in today’s car-centric cities, Blincc Cycling seeks to offer solutions that are simple and affordable — cycling safety should not be a luxury.

    Two products, Blincclip and Blinc Hex, are now ready for production. Both utilize paper-thin technologies and ‘free’ movement power so the reflectors appear to be blinking. This is founded on the principle that moving or blinking objects are more attention-grabbing than static objects as primal vision is built to notice “change.”


    This is the first self-blinking super bright reflector. It hangs freely on the saddle rails or saddlebags, and swivels back and forth following the pedal movements to create the blinking effect. It blinks lightly on a normal ride, blinks more rapidly as you accelerate, and goes static when you brake. It acts like a high-tech rear light that will last forever and does not need to be charged.

    For the safety-conscious, Blincclip can also be hung from bags, caps, or helmets for added visibility. It is only 1mm thin and 3g light. One side is red for night use, and fluorescent yellow on the other side for day use.

    Blincc Hex

    Blincc Hex, on the other hand, can be installed on the seat stay and the front fork of the bike for 360-degrees visibility. When pasted on the wheel rims, it creates a dynamic rotational movement and will appear to be spinning swiftly as you pedal. The surface has been enhanced with an extra layer of protection for durability. One pack includes 12 small (0.3g each) and 4 long (0.6g each) Hexes. Properly placed, they provide significant visibility without adding weight or air drag to your cycling experience.

    Price and availability

    Open for pre-orders on at 10PM on October 20, 2021, Blincclip and Blink Hex will be initially offered at USD9 (PHP45). Expected shipment date for pre-orders will be mid-December 2021. The regular retail price for both products is pegged at USD11 (PHP55).

    For more information, check out the Blincc Cycling website as well as their Facebook and Instagram accounts. You may also email [email protected].

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