Johnson Health Tech Lands Locally

    Johnson Health Tech (JHT) has opened another wholly owned subsidiary in the heart of the Makati Business District as it looks to expand its Southeast Asia presence. As the region’s largest fitness manufacturer, JHT prides itself in creating industry-leading equipment utilized by companies such as Trek, Schwinn, Omron, True, and Universal, among others.

    “Johnson Health Tech is extremely excited to have an established home in one of the most dynamic cities in Southeast Asia. As a direct subsidiary, we can bring a number of significant benefits to our customers across both commercial and home use fitness segments.  With JHT’s industry-leading product portfolio and strength in global R&D and manufacturing, paired with our local team of highly trained professionals, we can provide turn-key solutions for all fitness and wellness related needs.  Here in Manila, we want to be known as Johnson Health Tech Philippines, Inc.”, said Katsuya Ito, the Japanese-Australian national spearheading JHT Philippines’ Team Manila.  Prior to this appointment, Ito served as a regional sales manager for JHT’s Taiwan corporate headquarters, and head of overseas sales development for Fujiiryoki (Fuji Medical Instruments), a leading Japanese massage chair manufacturer.

    JHT began as Johnson Metal when founder Peter Lo made 200 barbell pieces for USD 400 in 1975. While creating his first order, Lo continued to refine his skills and knowledge on barbell manufacturing, as well as began understanding how fitness positively affects individuals and societies.

    By the 1980s, Lo’s barbell outfit began expanding to the cardio fitness space—a relatively small market at that time due to equipment either being too expensive for the regular consumer or too cheap in quality for those looking to get into cardio activities. Realizing the need for bang for the buck equipment that offers exceptional quality on an affordable price tag, Johnson Health Tech was born.

    With a keen eye for up and coming fitness trends, JHT was able to grow very quickly, launching both Horizon Fitness and Matrix Fitness to cater to a wider market. Throughout its history, JHT has also pioneered industry innovations such as the Matrix hybrid bike and the first folding elliptical machine.

    Currently, Johnson Health Tech has 24 wholly-owned subsidiaries, a service network of 60 countries, and 315 retail stores. Its Philippine branch will serve both the commercial market, including fitness clubs, condominiums, corporate gyms, colleges, and government projects; as well as the home use market, where the subsidiary’s primary focus will be to aggressively develop a corporate-owned retail store network across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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