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Quick Look: Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit’s Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale boasts the best-in-class accuracy and easy setup via Bluetooth helping users track and understand their body composition–including weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI–in a matter of seconds. Users can also conveniently sync data from the Aria 2 with the Fitbit app, for easy tracking of statistics.

Quick Features:

  •  Accurately measure your weight, track your body composition, and view your results in the Fitbit app to monitor your fitness journey.
  • Seamlessly connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and compatible across Wi-Fi networks; stats sync automatically to your Fitbit dashboard.
  • Has sleek profile and bright display to view your stats
  • Updated interface now includes personalized icons and greetings for added motivation.
  • Supports multiple users: Aria 2 can recognize eight different users

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