Victoria Beckham Joins Reebok for New Merch Collection

    Global fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok recently celebrated Victoria Beckham joining the team of trailblazing and unapologetically accomplished individuals connected with the Reebok brand. The icon was joined by longstanding Reebok brand ambassador, basketball legend and 90s icon Shaquille O’Neal.

    Victoria was officially welcomed to the Reebok team and shared details of her forthcoming collection with the brand. Victoria and Shaq took part in a discussion during the intimate event, touching on their individual relationships with the Reebok brand and shared their
    opinions on the enduring influence of the 90s on culture and fashion. Victoria revealed that, during an exploration of the Reebok archive on a recent visit to the brand’s Boston HQ, she was particularly inspired by the heritage product from the 90s.

    Reebok’s presence in 90s culture was particularly prolific; a time when Reebok emerged as one of the most imaginative and pioneering brands, changing the game and setting the cultural agenda with innovative products that have become enduring icons. Victoria said: “I had so much fun tonight, being welcomed into the Reebok family, by Shaq. The merch collection is really a celebration of him, the 90’s
    and Reebok’s heritage.”

    Reebok and Victoria Beckham first announced their partnership in late 2017. Renowned for designs that inspire confidence, power and strength, Beckham and Reebok share this commitment with the brands’ longstanding history of putting women first. Through
    their partnership, Beckham shared that she and Reebok aim to give everyone the opportunity to harness this confidence, power and strength by integrating unisex designs into the proposition.

    Ahead of the first collection from late 2018, Victoria announced that she has created a set of merch to showcase her love of the heritage of Reebok and the iconic 90s era that Shaq represents. The first item from that merch is a tee and will available next month on

    Victoria also shared that the first collection from the Reebok x  Victoria Beckham partnership will be introduced in late 2018. The aim of the collection is to create designs that speak to theneeds of the modern consumer, fusing fitness and fashion to create designs that everyone will love and can feel confident wearing. The collection will fuse their combined passion and creativity together to push new boundaries in sportswear design.

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