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    As Joseph Feliciano, Bioessence Chief Operating Officer, recollects, the business started purely out of Emma Beleno-Guerero, Feliciano’s dermatologist mother’s desire to practice her profession. What started as a two-bed clinic in Davao offering basic dermatological services, boomed into a multi-branch brand that specializes in improving skin health and body wellness.

    The Bioessence experience is not what you’d expect from a regular skin care center. In place of white walls and cubicles are elements that encourage relaxation. As soon as you enter, you are transported to pampering wonderland: zen music filling the space, pleasant scents wafting, cozy lounge spots, and friendly staff that see to your needs. “It’s basically having your skin treatments in a relaxing environment,” Feliciano adds.

    Services Tailored For You
    Not all skin and body have the same needs. A treatment might work for one person but, wouldn’t guarantee the same pleasant result for another. Bioessence recognizes this. A customer who’d like to avail of a service would have to go through a consultation first. Highly-trained consultants take the time to learn your skin’s specific needs for you to get the most favorable results, even on your first visit. Customers would then be under the care of skilled therapists who undergo specialized and intensive trainings every so often to give optimal care and service. “We want to perfect delivering our services. We put a lot of focus and importance to the training aspect, our protocols come from our team of doctors,” Feliciano proudly explains.

    A skin center first, Bioessence is known for its facial and body treatments. It offers the usual anti-aging, whitening, and acne treatments, but continues to innovate its services to cater to a more diverse market as well as to keep up with the constantly changing trends. Bioessence leads in various fronts with advanced services such as Photo Dynamic Therapy and Oxygen Facials, both of which promises to do wonders to the skin. Beyond these, Bioessence also has slimming and spa services for a holistic pampering. And because taking care of your skin is an everyday affair, the brand also has, in its portfolio, locally-made products along with a more intensive skin care line shipped from Korea so you can take the Bioessence experience anywhere with you.

    Bioessence is in the business of making its customers beyond beautiful and they intend to do that with unmatched services that transcends skin deep.

    Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos

    Art by Jael Mendoza

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE July 2018


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